C.R.C. c/o Policlinico G. B. Rossi
P.le L. A. Scuro 10
37134 Verona - Italy

The Clinical Pharmacology Unit of the CRC occupies about 800 square metres strategically housed on the 8th floor of the G.B. Rossi Hospital in Verona. The hospital has a total of 1,730 beds and accepts about 80,000 admittances and 450,000 out-patients per year. The CRC has 7 bed-rooms with 14 beds and provides full boarding accommodation for healthy volunteers or patients for clinical trials.

The Unit is well equipped according to highest scientific standard.
  • Ambulatory Standard 12-Lead ECG machine
  • 24h to 7 days Holter ECG Monitoring
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Continuos ECG Monitoring
  • Continuous SpO2 Monitoring
  • ECG Telemetry
  • MasterLab (Jaeger), Oxycon Pro (Jaeger) and Dosimeter (Jaeger) for Lung function evaluation
  • Galileo System Sirius for EEG
  • Lion alcolmeter S-D2 for Alcohol breath test
  • Micro smokerlyser CO for CO monitoring

In collaboration with the CRC it is possible to have access to the hospital instrumentation too.

CRC staff has extensive international Pharma experience and is fully integrated within the local medical and scientific community, with access to top investigators and highly motivated, well-defined patient populations.

Special subject populations (i.e. elderly, post-menopausal, impaired liver function, paediatric) can be recruited as well as defined disease groups (i.e. cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, pancreatic, gastrointestinal, urological, metabolic and psychiatric) for Proof-of-Concept studies.


The CRC database consists of approximately 900 active male and female healthy volunteers, with a good level of education, that enables a better comprehension of our documents and activity. The majority of volunteers are a word-to-mouth source, as volunteers talk with friend about their experience of taking part in a clinical trial. The application process is designed to ensure that a volunteer is a suitable candidate for clinical studies.

The first stage in the screening process is a Health Questionnaire to be filled in by the potential volunteer. The Questionnaire is accompanied by an Information Sheet and a Declaration of Consent: both documents must be signed and dated by the volunteer.

After the Unit Doctor’s evaluation of the application form, the suitable subject is invited to our centre to carry out some more tests in order to gain more information about him/her (i.e. Fagerström Questionnaire about smoking habits, STAI-Y test for anxiety level) and the MMPI-2 test (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) for people under 64 years old or Zung’s self-rating depression and anxiety scales for people older than 64. These personality tests are evaluated by a Psychologist and become an inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Joining the Panel does not oblige a volunteer to take part in a clinical study. The volunteer is able to withdraw from the Panel at any time. The volunteer will be asked to take part in a screening medical only during a study-specific screening.