C.R.C. c/o Policlinico G. B. Rossi
P.le L. A. Scuro 10
37134 Verona - Italy

CRC staff has extensive international Pharma experience and is fully integrated within the local medical and scientific community, with access to top investigators and highly motivated, well-defined patient populations.
Staff includes: Physicians, Nurses, Recruiters, Administrative Support, Project Managers, Pharmacists, Quality System Manager.

Name Position
Stefano Milleri, MD, PhD Medical and Scientific Director
Giorgia Barbiero, Pharm. D. Project Manager/Pharmacist
Benedetta Crema, MEnglL Recruiter
Serena Giacomazzi, Nursing Degree Research Nurse
Maria Cristina Gozzi, Pharm. D. Quality System Manager
Feliciana Malescio, Nursing Degree Research Nurse
Martina Pasquato, Nursing Degree Research Nurse
Luisa Pimazzoni Research Nurse
Irene Rossi, B. Sc. Project Manager
Daniela Zamboni, B.Sc., PhD Project Manager
Giulia Zanotti, Pharm. D. Pharmacist
Luigi Ziviani, MD, PhD Physician
Cinzia Zoccatelli Administrative Support