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Clinical Pharmacology Unit

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The Clinical Pharmacology Unit of the CRC occupies about 800 m2 (8,600 sq ft) located at the 8th floor of the GB Rossi University Hospital in Verona.

The CRC is fully integrated with the University Hospital and has access to all required instrumentation and facilities as needed.

The CRC staff has extensive international pharmaceutical industry experience and is fully integrated within the local medical and scientific community, with access to top investigators and highly motivated, well-defined patient populations.

Special subject populations (i.e. elderly, post-menopausal, impaired liver function, paediatric) can be recruited as well as defined disease groups (i.e. cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, pancreatic, gastrointestinal, urological, metabolic and psychiatric diseases) for Proof-of-Concept studies.

The CRC database consists of a panel of approximately 1,700 active male and female healthy volunteers, all with a good level of education, ensuring comprehension of Informed Consent documents and compliance with any study restrictions. The majority of volunteers are recruited by way of word-to-mouth. A screening process is in place to ensure that volunteers are suitable candidates for clinical studies.

After the Unit Doctor’s evaluation of the application form, subjects are invited to our centre for non-study-specific screening tests (e.g. Fagerström Questionnaire about smoking habits, STAI-Y test for anxiety level, MMPI-2 test or Zung’s self-rating depression and anxiety scales). These personality tests are evaluated by a Psychologist and can also be used as inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Joining the Panel does not oblige a volunteer to take part in a clinical study and volunteers can withdraw from the Panel at any time. Eligible volunteers will be asked to take part in a medical screening only during study-specific screening.