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CRC staff has extensive international Pharma experience and is fully integrated within the local medical and scientific community, with access to top investigators and highly motivated, well-defined patient populations.

Staff includes: Physicians, Nurses, Recruiters, Administrative Support, Project Managers, Pharmacists, Quality System Manager.

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Milleri Stefano, Medicine Degree, PhD

  Medical Scientific Director and Direttore Sanitario

Bighelli Emma Chiara, Nursing Degree

  Research Nurse

Brea Mattia, Pharmacy Degree


Ciccarello Federica, Nursing Degree

  Research Nurse

Cosmina Crina, Nurse Diploma

  Research Nurse

Crema Benedetta, Foreign Languages Degree


Falzone Rossella Myriam, Nursing Degree

  Research Nurse

Fogato Esther, Business Administration and Law Degree

  Administrative and Financial Support

Francini Cinzia Maria, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies Degree, PhD

  Project Manager

Giacomazzi Serena, Nursing Degree

  Research Nurse

Gozzi Maria Cristina, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies Degree

  Quality System Manager

Malescio Feliciana, Nursing Degree

  Research Nurse

Meneghelli Ilaria, Pharmacy Degree

  Project Manager

Palmerio Silvia, Medical Biotechnology Degree, PhD

  Project Manager

Pasquato Martina, Nursing Degree

  Research Nurse

Piazzola Cristiana, Nursing Degree

  Research Nurse

Pimazzoni Luisa, Nursing Diploma Trained Nurses School

  Research Nurse

Pletto Elena, Biological Sciences Degree

  Project Manager

Poli Federica, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies Degree

  Project Manager/Pharmacist

Rossi Irene, Biological Sciences Degree

  Project Manager

Rossini Sara, Foreign Languages Degree

  Study Coordinator

Salvi Bentivoglio Ottavia - Molecular and Medical Biotechnology Degree

  Study Coordinator

Secchi Maria Francesca, Biological Sciences Degree, PhD

  Project Manager

Sordo Anna, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies Degree

  Study Coordinator/Pharmacist

Spina Cecilia, Biological Sciences Degree, PhD

  Project Manager

Turrini Irene, Nursing Degree

  Research Nurse

Vardaro Nicoletta, Biological Sciences Degree

  Biological Samples Responsible

Vassanelli Mattia

  Administrative Support

Zamboni Daniela, Biological Sciences Degree, PhD

  Project Manager

Ziviani Luigi, Medicine Degree, PhD

  Research Physician

Zoccatelli Cinzia, Information Technology High School Diploma

  Administrative and Financial Support

Last update: 15/06/2023